Those We Love... 36-inch Memorial Wind Chime


This beautifully crafted wind chime is a touching tribute to loved ones who are no longer with us. Engraved with the heartfelt message, "Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day," it serves as a gentle, daily reminder of their enduring presence in our lives. Each time the wind stirs, it produces a soothing melody that echoes the footsteps of those we hold dear. Perfect for hanging in a garden, on a porch, or near a favorite quiet spot, this wind chime is not only a piece of décor but a symbol of love and remembrance.

This chime includes a themed engraving on one side of the wind sail and supports one side of custom engraving. To add a personal touch, choose custom engraving to submit your own words & image.  Custom designs will be engraved on the side of the wind sail opposite from the themed design.


Product Specs

Overall Length (Inches): 36"
Number of Tubes: 6
Hand-Tuned to Scale: E
Display Dimensions (Inches): 36"L x 8"H x 8"W
Diameter of Tubes (Inches): 1"
Length of Longest Tube (Inches): 18 1/2"
Notes in Chime: E F# G# B C# E
Weight: 4.0 lb
Brand: Corinthian Bells® by Wind River

Corinthian Bells Highlights

1 Heavy-Walled Pipes

Aluminum Alloy Tubes

Aluminum makes our wind chimes lightweight and weather resistant. But when it comes to pitch and resonance, each alloy has its own unique characteristics.

2 Premium Colors

An Inspired Palette

Choose from nine premium colors inspired by the woods, waterways and mountaintops that surround our Virginia home.

3 Ultra High-Density Striker

The Key to the Sound

To build a better wind chime, we tinkered until we got it right—and the striker was a smart place to start. A soft striker material gives each chime a gentle, soothing reverberation.