Charity Partner: Benedictine Sisters Ministries

Jan 01, 2022
Charity Partner: Benedictine Sisters Ministries


Supporting our community is one of the core values of Wind River Chimes, and it’s a value we share with the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia. That’s why we’re excited to support Sisters as a charity partner.


Established in 1868, the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia work throughout the state to support numerous educational and charitable projects. The Sisters have founded or staffed fifteen schools and a wide range of charities in Virginia, and currently serve at two high schools and four other community projects.


Recently, the Benedictine Sisters celebrated their Jubilee Year, marking 150 years of continuous service. They celebrated this noteworthy anniversary with a renewed focus on the future, ensuring their community service can continue through their counseling services, adult literacy programs, schools and more.

Please join us in supporting this valuable program by placing an online order from Wind River Chimes. We greatly appreciate your loyal support!

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