Chime tube

Inspiring harmony since 1986.

At Wind River Chimes, we believe that music speaks to everyone. Melody lives forever. And memories are shaped by the soundtracks that play for a moment in our ears—and echo forever in our hearts.

For more than 30 years, we’ve studied and perfected what we call “the Science of Sound.” Our chimes are individually handcrafted and hand-tuned, for exceptional precision and lasting beauty. From the shape of the components to the materials we use, every detail is tested and engineered to deliver superior resonance and tone.

The result is chimes that are inspired by nature and designed to make the natural world even more inspiring. Our chimes are made in Virginia and influenced by the shores, mountains and valleys we call home. Every color palette is a walk in the woods. Every chord is a choir of birds across the bay. And every breeze brings with it renewed beauty, mystery and wonder.

Wind River Chimes create a symphony in any space. But as soon as you bring one home, you realize it’s so much more than a piece of musical garden décor. It’s a reminder to rest. It’s a moment of calm amid the chaos of daily life. And it’s a cue to pause, listen, reflect—and BREATHE.

Because in life, the winds of change are always moving. But no matter where they carry you, Wind River Chimes will always be inspiring harmony. 

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