Wind River Relaxation Collection

Bring the calming outdoors inside.

Wind River is committed to making your outdoor and indoor spaces as peaceful as possible. Our relaxation collection includes the pieces you need to create true tranquility within your home. In addition to the chimes we make, we’ve partnered with family-owned companies from across the USA to offer hand-crafted candles, journals, and other relaxation items. Learn more about each of these partners below, and browse this new collection for the piece that will bring tranquility to your space.

Find the Perfect Relaxation Accent

Bumble & Birch

All Bumble and Birch products are crafted from primarily natural and sustainably harvested sources, such as wood, cork, and bamboo.

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COLORpockit kits

COLORpockit is the portable coloring kit that has everything you need to take your coloring on the go.

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Wind River

Find a moment to breathe, relax and reset with a Wind River meditation chime. The soothing tones of Wind River chimes are now available indoors - no matter where you live or what today’s weather brings.

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Exotic Sands

These high quality fun creations combine time, gravity, liquid and matter to form colorful works of art to enjoy in any home, office or to give as a gift.

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Maple Landmark Chatterblocks

Our vintage-styled Chatterblocks give you a way to express yourself to your entire family. “Happy Holidays!” and “Feed The Dog!” are just two of the over 250 common greetings, phrases, holidays, names, and sentiments that you can spell with just 16 blocks.

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Shining Sol

Shining Sol soy candles are all natural, hand poured in Virginia and 100% made in the USA. The wood wicks give a pleasing crackling sound, and each candle scent will transport you to a place of relaxation.

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Sonoma Lavender

Lavender is truly like magic. It repels insects. It heals the skin. It relaxes the muscles. It can help you sleep. These products were handcrafted carefully and created with meticulous care and attention in the Sonoma Valley.

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These beautiful wooden tealight holders will bring warmth and light to your home.

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Deep Breath Designs

All of these products have a different function but they all have something in common – they work. They can help you calm down and take a breath, allow you to feel comforted, ease aches & pain and can help allow you to heal mind, body and spirit. They’re functional and they’re beautiful too.

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In Perfect Harmony

The ideal match for your favorite Relaxation Collection piece is a Wind River chime. Find yours today.