Assembled by hand. Made with heart.

At Wind River, every detail counts. We start with nylon cording, redwood and aluminum alloy tubes that are sourced and manufactured in the USA. Then we design, engineer and assemble each chime to be truly captivating—individually testing the tone, resonance and pitch of each tube along the way.

Crafted in Virginia

We call our approach “the Science of Sound.” And it’s made possible by the patient, painstaking efforts of our Virginia craftsmen. They are the heart and soul of our company, and you can hear their passion in every note of your Wind River chime.

Being family-owned makes a big difference to people because so many of our shops are family owned.”
Sourced in America. Made in America. That’s rare in this industry.”
We are family-oriented. Half of the people that work here have family members that do, too."