Find your breath of fresh air.

From high-rise balconies to hide-away cabins, our chimes turn any space into a relaxing retreat.

Premier Chimes

Our Premier collections are designed for the most discerning ears. For superior resonance, the heavy-walled aluminum tubes are individually strung from a single interior pin. They also have ultra-high-density polymer strikers for clear, strong, soft tones. The powder-coated exterior finish is the final touch that gives each chime vibrant color and lasting beauty.

Arabesque ®

Everything you already love about wind chimes, elevated to new elegance.



Bells ®

With this best-selling collection, every breeze brings new enchantment.


Deluxe Chimes

Our Deluxe collections strike a balance between form and function. For better reverberation and resonance, each tube is individually strung from a single interior pin. The redwood strikers add beauty and visual interest, and the broad color palette helps each chime both stand out and blend into your décor—all at the same time.


Melodies ®

Let the soothing song of the Shenandoah carry you away.



Melodies ®

These chimes will catch your eye as easily as they catch the wind.


Classic Chimes

These are the chime collections that started it all. With hand-tuned aluminum tubes, rot-resistant redwood accents and a range of available sizes—these chimes are an affordable option that still out-sings almost anything on the market.

Arias ®

An affordable introduction to the world of Wind River.


Festival ®

Enjoy the sweet, cheerful sounds of summertime, all year long.


Specialty Chimes

When words aren’t quite enough, our Specialty collections let you say it with music. Each of these collections celebrates a special moment or honors a meaningful memory. Unlike flowers, the beauty of a wind chime never fades, bringing inspiration and encouragement with every breeze.

For the Girls ®

Let the soothing song of the Shenandoah carry you away.


In Loving

Memory ®

When words aren’t enough, send condolences, peace and comfort on a breeze.


Noteworthy ®

Music speaks to everyone. This collection of chimes let you say even more.



International ®

These officially licensed chimes let you show your Rotary pride or honor a fellow Rotarian.


Mountain View Woodwork

These redwood accessories are the perfect companion to your Wind River chimes.

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