Investing in our Community

Inspiring harmony—in every day, in every life.

At Wind River, we passionately pursue harmony. Every day, we strive to leave the world a little better than we found it—through our employee development programs, our community involvement, and the soothing notes of our signature products.

Inside our facility, we support our employees with people-first workplace programs, education development and family-first policies. And in our community, we partner with local nonprofits and national organizations whose efforts support our neighbors and meet vital needs.

Just as waves of sound resonate, bringing beauty and comfort to everyone within earshot—we believe simple actions can have the same effect. One small act of kindness has the power to inspire another, until change reverberates through an entire community. And at Wind River, we don’t simply make chimes. We shape environments—at our company, in our community, and beyond.

Chime in.

Every month, Wind River chooses a different charitable partner. This month, we are donating 20% of our online sales profits to International Justice Mission. Learn more about this month’s charitable partner and past partners below.

Charity of the Month: International Justice Mission

Every month, Wind River chooses a different charitable partner to support, with profits from our online sales. This month, we’re donating 20% of online sales profits to the International Justice Mission (IJM). 

Right now, children and families are staying home, yet many are in unsafe home situations. Sadly, human violence against other humans, including domestic abuse and online sex trafficking of children, is on the rise. Thankfully, IJM is working tirelessly to protect these vulnerable populations. That’s why Wind River is supporting IJM this month, with 20% of all online sales being donated to their important work.

IJM works with local justice systems to help victims of violence and slavery. During the recent pandemic, they’ve been working with partners to supply basic needs, like continued aftercare, food, and housing, while also actively investigating cases of increased violence and human trafficking. Worldwide, IJM has worked to protect millions of people from oppression, and has trained over 67,000 people in effective legal training practices.

Please consider supporting their important goal of eliminating slavery worldwide through an online purchase this month or through a direct donation to the International Justice Mission.

To learn more about IJM and its work, watch the video below.