Investing in our Community

Inspiring harmony—in every day, in every life.

At Wind River, we passionately pursue harmony. Every day, we strive to leave the world a little better than we found it—through our employee development programs, our community involvement, and the soothing notes of our signature products.

Inside our facility, we support our employees with people-first workplace programs, education development and family-first policies. And in our community, we partner with local nonprofits and national organizations whose efforts support our neighbors and meet vital needs.

Just as waves of sound resonate, bringing beauty and comfort to everyone within earshot—we believe simple actions can have the same effect. One small act of kindness has the power to inspire another, until change reverberates through an entire community. And at Wind River, we don’t simply make chimes. We shape environments—at our company, in our community, and beyond.

Chime in.

Every month, Wind River chooses a different charitable partner. This month, we are donating 20% of our online sales profits to The American Red Cross. Learn more about this month’s charitable partner and past partners below.

Charity of the Month: The American Red Cross


The American Red Cross (ARC) and their millions of volunteers, members, and staff are guided by the seven fundamental principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. With numbers this great and ambitions this bold, the ARC is one of the most universally recognizable humanitarian organizations on the planet. And along with that, one of the most impactful.


So this month, Wind River Chimes is proudly supporting their efforts by donating 20% of all online sales to their life-changing mission.


In 2020, Americans experienced more billion-dollar disasters than any other year on record, and for many, the pandemic compounded the trauma and financial strain of disasters.


“The past year has taken an enormous toll on families, and that’s why our trained volunteers are more critical to our mission than ever before,” said Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross. “Through our lifesaving work, people are coming forward to care for each other when help can’t wait. During Red Cross Month in March, we honor this humanitarian spirit and ask you to join us…”


Wind River Chimes is proud to join this critical work, and give our customers the chance to join as well. When you purchase chimes directly from our website, we’ll donate 20% of all online sales during the month of March to the Red Cross.


It’s never been easier to give a little back to those who give so much. Just find a chime, place your order, and join us in celebrating the American Red Cross as this March’s Charity of the Month.