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Investing in our Community

At Wind River, one of the ways we pursue harmony is by donating 20% of website wind chime sales to charity. Whether it’s a national organization like the Red Cross, or a local nonprofit like the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, we consider it a honor and a duty to support those who help meet the vital needs of those in our community and our world.

Here’s Wind River’s President and CEO, Jamie Baisden, explaining how the Wind River Fund works:

The Wind River Fund

Wind River donates a portion of every wind chime sale to the Wind River Fund, a donor-advised fund with flexibility to share resources with a wide variety of charity partners, when and where they need it most. The Wind River Fund creates capacity for Wind River’s donation to be as effective, efficient and timely as possible.

A Sampling of Wind River’s Charity Partners

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If you’d like to apply for a donation from the Wind River Fund for your non-profit organization, please complete this application and return it to donations@windriverchimes.com.

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