Fill your space with the sweet, cheerful sounds of summertime, all year long.

A Festival® chime is the kind of decoration that fills your space with the cheerful sounds of summertime, all year long. This collection features hand-tuned, weather-resistant aluminum tubes that shine and shimmy in the slightest breeze, producing sweet melodies in every season. With treated redwood accents and a broad color palette, a Festival chime makes the perfect gift—and makes every day a celebration.

Hand-Tuned Harmonies

At Wind River, musicality is no small matter. From the beginning, we’ve studied and perfected what we call “the Science of Sound”—carefully engineering each component to create the most melodic chimes on the market. Before a chime is assembled, we test the tone, resonance and pitch of each tube to make sure they match the intended harmony. It’s the kind of attention to detail you can see—and hear.

Nylon Cording

Every Wind River chime uses heavy-duty, braided nylon cording that’s treated to be weather and UV resistant.

Aluminum Alloy Tubes

Aluminum makes our wind chimes lightweight and weather resistant. But when it comes to pitch and resonance, each alloy has its own unique characteristics. Through years of testing and engineering, we’ve identified the aluminum alloy that creates exceptional tone and sound quality—and we use it in every chime.

Redwood Strikers and Accents

As we designed and engineered our chimes, American-grown redwood was a natural choice. In addition to its exceptional beauty, redwood is sustainable and rot-resistant, with a soft texture that creates a mellow sound as it strikes each chime.

Engravable Wind Sail

Add your own personal message to the wind sail! Choose from a variety of fonts and themed designs, with room for up to 4 lines of text and 25 characters per line.
Festival Chime

Musical Notes

Not sure which collection is right for you? Use these guidelines to find the chime that rings true and complements your space.