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Create a symphony in any space.

When you bring home a Wind River chime, every breeze becomes a chamber choir. Every chord sounds like an unfinished symphony. And every day brings with it new rhythms, refrains, mystery and magic. No matter your style, mood or musical taste, we have a chime to match.

Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift, consider where the wind chime will ultimately hang. Porches, balconies, gardens, back decks and outdoor seating areas are some of the best settings for a Wind River chime. But you can also hang a chime from tree branches or from our tree hooks.

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Give it a ring.

With the location in mind, think about how the sound of the chime will complement the space. What kind of mood do you want to set? Would you prefer the peaceful, resonate tones of a church bell? Or does the bright, bird-like melody of a smaller chime seem more appropriate? Larger chimes will give you deeper tones, while smaller models have a lighter, higher-pitched chime.

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Size it up.

The size of a chime greatly impacts its sound. But it can also dramatically shape a landscape. Large chimes can be a dramatic focal point, but only if you have enough wide, open space to accommodate it without interference. If you’d rather the chime be heard but not be a focal point, consider a smaller chime you can tuck away around a corner or under an eave. But don’t go too small! Hanging a small chime in a spacious area can make the space feel unbalanced and make the chime look out of place. Finally, consider your recipient. The thick tubes on some of our larger chimes can make them heavy and cumbersome for an elderly person to hang themselves.

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Color your world.

Wind River chimes are available in a range of stunning, nature-inspired shades and textures. With the surroundings in mind, think of what color or finish would best complement or blend into the environment and décor. If you’re considering buying multiple chimes or adding to your Wind River collection in the future, a monochromatic collection can be just as stunning as a rainbow of softly colored hues.

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Ask the experts.

If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our customer service team knows the nuanced options of each product line and can help you select the style, size and color that’s perfect for your space or the occasion. Call 888-978-0001 to speak to a Wind River chime specialist.

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