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The Wind River Fund

We donate 20% of the purchase price of each chime purchased on this site to the Wind River Fund, which supports a variety of local and global charities. Learn More Here...

Hand-tuned chimes.
Handcrafted in Virginia.

Wind River chimes are made by artisans using USA-sourced materials. Before it leaves our facility, every chime is hand-tuned and hand-assembled—for exceptional resilience, beauty, resonance and tone.


At Wind River, we strive to leave the world a little better than we found it—through our employee development programs, our community involvement, and the soothing notes of our signature products. We don’t simply make chimes. We shape environments—at our company, in our community, and beyond.

Share a moment, no matter where you are.

A wind chime is a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone or honor a memory. But a Wind River chime is so much more than a piece of décor. It’s a moment of calm. It’s a reminder to rest. And it’s a cue to throw your cares to the wind—and just BREATHE.