How Wind Chimes Help Any Space Feel Like Home

Mar 15, 2023
How Wind Chimes Help Any Space Feel Like Home

From style to location, home means something different to everyone. Ultimately though, it should be a place where you can let down and recharge. No matter what type of space you’re calling home right now, it’s worth investing in yourself by creating home. With a little intention and creativity, you can turn any space into a place that feels like home


Since Wind River understands how much environment impacts our well-being, we’re passionate about helping you inspire harmony in your space. Here are a few ideas to make any space feel more like home!


1) Invest in Quality Pieces


There are so many choices that can add value to your current space. Think about investing in versatile, classic, and quality pieces that you can enjoy in any space–like furniture, lamps, art, pictures, and Wind River chimes. If you buy a few special things that you really love, any space will instantly feel more like your own with these signature touchstones.


2) Add Color + Texture


Add visual interest to your spaces with inexpensive accessories -- easy to replace when your tastes change in the future. Use rugs, throw pillows, plants and even thrifted items to enliven any indoor room. And consider unique touches for your outdoor spaces as well, including whimsical garden accents and of course, wind chimes! Be intentional about decorating, and choose items you really like. Adding these personal touches will help make the place you live feel even more like home.


3) Designate Sacred Space


Whether it’s creating a meditation corner, placing a candle by your favorite chair or hanging Wind River chimes outside the kitchen window, it can be very inspiring to create a spot that feels peaceful to you. Infusing your home with reminders of peace and beauty will transform your space into a place of retreat–the essential ingredient of home.


4) Make Memories


Regardless of what type of space you’re calling home, remember it’s more about what you create within a space that gives it its meaning. Invite people over for dinner, coffee, movie nights and star-gazing. Don’t wait until your home is perfect to share life with others. Start where you are and use what you have.


We all have our dream homes in mind, but it’s powerful to realize that home can be made and experienced anywhere. So, mark your spot with some fun, grounding and life-giving things and get to know the neighbors! 


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