World's Coolest 6" Replacement Tube


The coolest part of the World’s Coolest Rain Gauge® is the floating measurement tube. Without that, it’s just…not so cool. The replacement measurement tube for the World's Coolest Rain Gauge is an essential component specifically designed to work with World's Coolest rain gauges. Made from an unbreakable, winter-safe polycarbonate material, it ensures long-lasting performance and reliability through all seasons. Its deep blue color, complemented by bright white lettering enhances visibility and adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to your garden or yard.

Measuring 6 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width, this tube is meticulously crafted to display readings in both inches and millimeters. It comes fully assembled with foam, ready to drop into your gauge and get to work.

Please measure your existing tube or copper container before making a purchase to ensure compatibility.


Product Specs

Weight: 1.2 lb
Brand: World's Coolest