Corinthian Bells® by Wind RIver Relaxation Chimes CD


Corinthian Bells are well known for the peaceful resonances of their wonderful melodies.  Now you can bring the exceptional tones of Corinthian Bells anywhere!  Each of the 15 tracks features between 3 and 5 different chimes to create a soothing, balanced melody and help you feel at ease.  From gently waking you in the morning to soothing you to sleep at night, this CD has the perfect track for any time of day. It is sure to put a smile on your face every time you listen.

When ordered separately, CDs will ship via the US Postal Service.  When ordered with a wind chime, CDs will ship UPS Ground.


Product Specs

Weight: 0.1 lb
Brand: Corinthian Bells® by Wind River