Arabesque® Windmill XL Refill Assortment - Wholesale


The Arabesque® Windmill XL Refill Assortment includes the following Arabesque® chimes n assorted colors: 12-AR206, 12-AR306, 8-AR406, 8-AR516, 2-AR626, and 2-AR736.


Product Specs

Weight: 150.0 lb
Brand: Arabesque® by Wind River


1 Engraved Dome & Tubes

Elegant Finishes

The dome and tubes of Arabesque chimes are engraved with twin rings to make these chimes a bright and elegant.

2 Ultra High-Density Striker

The Key to the Sound

To build a better wind chime, we tinkered until we got it right—and the striker was a smart place to start. A soft striker material gives each chime a gentle, soothing reverberation.

3 Premium Colors

Four Jewel Tone Colors

Choose from one of four custom colors: Onyx, Garnett, Emerald, or Sapphire