Charity Partner: ChildSavers

Charity Partner: ChildSavers

Jan 31, 2023

Each year, 1 in 5 children in the U.S. will experience a mental health crisis, but only 20% of those children will receive the care they need. Because of that, Wind River is galvanized to partner with ChildSavers, a charity whose focus is children’s mental health.


ChildSavers uses a unique, coordinated prevention AND intervention model to address children’s mental health, specializing in trauma treatment by focusing on resilience and strengths-based practices through art and play therapy. ChildSavers provides a range of therapeutic services–clinical, school-based, and Immediate Response–to support children who are experiencing trauma, from divorce and death to abuse and neglect.


In addition to intervention services, ChildSavers equally devotes its work to prevention, via education and child care services. Many children in our communities do not have access to quality child care, and to help address this need, ChildSavers provides free or low-cost training, technical assistance, and resources for child care providers to grow their businesses, and deliver quality care.


ChildSavers also provides training and resources to early childhood caregivers, educators, and individuals, with many resources available on their YouTube channel, as well as through in-person training programs.


A child’s environment greatly impacts their development. Their brains and bodies are more sensitive to trauma, which helps explain why half of all mental health conditions begin before the age of 14. This makes ChildSavers mission to guide children through life’s critical moments with trauma-informed mental health and child development services even more crucial. 


ChildSavers believes all children can be safe, happy, healthy, and ready to learn. Since 1924, ChildSavers has been transforming trauma, making ripple effects for generations. Let’s help them with ChildSavers100–a push to double their reach by their 100th year–because in a child’s life, every moment matters.


Make a powerful impact in a child’s life by purchasing a Wind River chime, or donate directly to this important organization.


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