Posted: 07.01.22 12:00 AM

Charity of the Month: Unbound


Every month, Wind River chooses a different charitable partner to support, with profits from our online sales. This month, we’re donating 20% of online sales profits to Unbound.


Disasters in developing countries take a disproportionate toll on people living in poverty, often destroying what headway families have made in improving their situations. Unbound is an international nonprofit organization that partners with poverty-stricken families to help them become self-sufficient.

Unbound works primarily in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through sponsorships and donations, the organization focuses on education, community participation, economic stability and parent empowerment.

Through these efforts, Unbound has seen 51% of sponsored children stay in school longer than their peers, and 90% of mothers believing they can change the lives of their families and exercise leadership in their communities. There have been countless other results as well.

The vision for Unbound started in 1981, when the founders saw extreme levels of poverty while on mission work in Latin America. They knew they wanted to make a difference, and set out to invite others to join them in supporting, encouraging and empowering poverty-stricken families.


Over the years, the organization has served more than 800,000 children, students and aging adults and currently works with more than 300,000 people supported by 260,000 sponsors.


For the entire month of July, 20% of our online sales will go towards Unbound’s important work. If you’d like to sponsor a child, youth or elder, or make a direct donation, please feel free to do so.


“Since the very beginning, the founders [of Unbound] dreamed of freeing God’s people from hunger, from slavery, from pain. Our calling at this historic moment is to be gentle, balanced leaders in our world,” said Co-Founder Bob Hentzen.