The Wind River Fund

The Wind River Fund

Jul 01, 2023


For many years, Wind River has been inspiring harmony in the community by donating 20% of our online sales to a charity partner of the month. This commitment has connected us with local and international organizations who are regularly making a difference in the lives of others.


We remain committed to sharing 20% of our online sales with these partners, but we're changing the way we do it. Instead of designating a specific charity each month to receive funds, the percentage of online sales will now become part of the Wind River Fund, a donor advised fund with flexibility to share resources with our partners when and where they need it most.


Jamie Baisden, President and CEO of Wind River, reminds us that while need is ever-present, some needs are particularly unexpected and urgent. He remembers a season several years ago when simultaneous disasters - hurricanes along the Gulf and East Coasts and massive fires in California – strained the American Red Cross' resources, especially their aging fleet of Emergency Response Vehicles. Wind River was able to fund a brand new ERV for the Red Cross.


By shifting the way we share our donations, we'll be able to meet more immediate needs like this, work more effectively with our charitable partners, and have the capacity to act on a larger scale. Each time you make a purchase through our website, you join us in inspiring harmony around the world through the Wind River Fund.

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