Choosing Wind Chimes Based on Personality

Choosing Wind Chimes Based on Personality

May 15, 2023

Now that spring is arriving, it’s time to get your outdoor spaces ready to enjoy the all the season has to offer. Whether or not you’re looking for a main attraction or a finishing touch, wind chimes elevate any outdoor space. But, how do you choose?

Read on to discover how making a wind chime choice might depend on your personality!  That’s right -- your unique personality (or the personality of your gift recipient) might be more drawn to, and benefit from, a specific Wind River chime.

You may be familiar with the concept of personality types based on the elements of air, earth, fire and water. According to an ancient Greek medical theory, these elements coincide with the personality types of sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic (coined by the Greek physician Aelius Galenus).

Here are those personality types, matched up with their Wind River chime complement. We’ve included suggestions for accompanying your personality (chime characteristics to celebrate your personality) and/or for balancing your personality (chime characteristics to center your personality). 

Each set of “personality” wind chimes have also been chosen to pair beautifully together, so you don’t have to choose between celebrating AND balancing your personality!

1. Personality Type AIR

Air types (sanguine) tend to be fun-loving, energized, social, and bright. 

  • To accompany: Corinthian Bells® 36” -- A best selling chime, this wind chime offers bright balance without being heavy. It’s the perfect size with a lovely, crisp sound. Easy on the ears, this chime could complement any conversation!

  • To balance: Shenandoah Melodies® 47” -- Air types need reminders to slow down and come back down to earth. This chime is deep without being too dark – it’s the perfect way to invite someone into a more mystical and contemplative experience without being extreme

2. Personality Type EARTH

Earth types (melancholic) tend to be serious, thoughtful, perfectionistic, and nostalgic.

  • To accompany: Corinthian Bells® 50” -- This wind chime’s pitch range is very close to the human voice, which makes it distinctly familiar and calming. It never goes too low or too high – it’s just right. Mellow, round, deep and familiar, this chime is like your favorite book with your favorite cup of tea.

  • To balance: Shenandoah Melodies® 35” -- Earth types can get too heavy in thought and need opportunities to add levity to their lives. This chime is the perfect boost without being too perky – even though it’s higher, it’s still round. Overall, this chime has an encouraging quality.

3. Personality Type FIRE

Fire types (choleric) tend to be active, brave, ambitious, and strong.

  • To accompany: Corinthian Bells® 78” -- Like a Fire personality type, this wind chime takes up space! The harmony is rich and unexpected, using a modal scale. The resonance is striking and warm. This is the largest, deepest chime we make and it is sure to turn heads in any space!

  • To balance: Arabesque® 36” -- Fire types can be bold. This chime is the perfect counterpart to add grace and elegance to a fire type’s innate strength. From our Arabesque collection, this wind chime was designed to twirl with the wind, so its collaborative tones are a good reminder to see beyond oneself.

4. Personality Type WATER

Water types (phlegmatic), tend to be calm, peace-making, reliable, and empathetic.

  • To accompany: Arabesque® 44” -- In the key of C and medium sized, this wind chime is effortlessly delightful and sincere. Its sound offers shimmering clarity with an inviting warmth that makes it smooth and stabilizing.

  • To balance: Corinthian Bells® 60” -- Water types can be passive. This chime offers strength and adds some spice when paired with Arabesque 44”. In the scale of G, this chime shares a lot of the same pitches with the Arabesque 44” chime, except for G’s leading tone, F#. This is our only chime tuned to a major 7th chord, so it’s a good reminder for a water type to break-out and share their authentic self with the world, even if it makes a few waves.

In the end, every personality can love and benefit from any Wind River chime, but it’s fun to think about how your unique traits might influence your harmonic preferences. We hope this guide encourages you to think about what sounds you like, and on a deeper level, invites you to consider what sounds you (or your gift recipient) might need to hear!

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