Fall Gardening and Wind Chimes

Fall Gardening and Wind Chimes

Aug 15, 2021

If you’ve been enjoying your Wind River Chimes in your garden this summer, there’s no reason to stop enjoying them as fall approaches! Fall brings a whole new crop of colorful flowers to plant and appreciate, so your garden can continue to be a place of relaxation, reflection and restoration.


As you can see in this photo, the Wind River Chimes color palette is based on colors from nature, so almost any fall flower you choose to plant will complement your chimes.


Mid-to-late August is a good time to plant fall flowers, as long as it isn’t still too hot. Check the growing requirements for individual plants so your flowers won’t suffer heat stress, or you don’t miss your planting window.


For example, chrysanthemums (like those pictured here) are a quintessential fall flower, with blooms starting in September and lasting until frost. There are many species of mums, and they come in a wide variety of bloom shapes and colors. When selecting mums for fall planting, look for a plant that isn’t in full bloom yet, which will help it struggle less with transplanting. Chrysanthemums like full sun exposure in moist, but not soggy, soil.


Pansies are another quintessential fall flower. They provide lots of cool-season color in almost every shade of the rainbow. Versatile and heavy-blooming, pansies grow in groups, as a trailing plant, or as ground cover. And, some pansies will bloom in both fall and spring.


Other fall flowers include violets, which flourish in the fall with full, less hot, sun exposure; and goldenrod -- a perennial wildflower that blooms from mid-summer to fall and is loved by butterflies and bees. Also consider planting black-eyed Susan, ornamental peppers, sweet alyssum, aster, croton and celosia.


As fall approaches, it always gives a boost to see plants such as sunflowers come to life and herald that another season is upon us. Nature prepares us for a long winter with the glorious, rich colors of fall flowers and leaves, and many annuals, perennials and shrubs bloom in the fall all the way until a hard freeze.


You can check your first-frost dates here, courtesy of the Farmer’s Almanac.


In many parts of the country, the fall season also brings lovely breezes that will make your Wind River Chimes sing for joy. Fall brings delicious sights, sounds, smells and tastes, and your fall garden, accented with a set of Wind River Chimes, will be the perfect spot to experience all the joys of the season.




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