Caring for Your Wind River Chimes

Sep 15, 2021
Caring for Your Wind River Chimes


This gorgeous set of Wind River Arabesque Chimes – hanging beside the Columbia River in the state of Washington -- is one of our larger sizes, and can be challenging to move if severe weather is expected.


If high winds or bitter cold weather are headed your way, and you’re not comfortable taking down your chimes, then consider covering them to provide exposure protection, and help prevent them from banging into each other.


The good news is, your Wind River Chimes are not damaged by rain. Every set of Wind River Chimes is made with aluminum alloy tubes, which helps make them weather and rust-resistant. The heavy-duty, braided nylon cording used in each set of chimes is also treated to be weather and UV-resistant. However, it’s always a good idea to take them down or cover them during high winds or harsh winters.


Other Tips for Wind Chime Care


Wood Accents: All the wood accents on our chimes are made with naturally weather-resistant redwood. If you have a set of Wind River Chimes with wood accents, consider giving the redwood a layer of varnish and/or stain, which will give it even more beauty and longevity.


Cleaning: Your Wind River Chimes can be cleaned with soap and water as often as necessary. Be sure to avoid any abrasive cleaners or steel wool, as that can damage the finish of the chimes. If your chimes have a highly reflective finish, they may need to be wiped down with a glass cleaner to reveal their shine and remove water spots.


Avoiding Damage: when selecting the perfect spot to hang your Wind River Chimes, be sure the location you choose is not too close to a building, tree trunk, pole or other structure. You want to make sure your chimes have plenty of room on all sides and are clear of structures and other objects. This will ensure that the tubes of your chimes are not hitting against anything when the wind blows. The only thing that should come in contact with the chimes is the center striker, which is specifically designed to make your chime sing at its finest. Also, hang your chimes from something that can properly support its weight. You don’t want your chimes to end up on the ground.


Need Repairs? In spite of your best efforts, occasionally your chimes may need to be repaired. All the chimes we produce include limited manufacturer’s warranties, and we also offer a non-warranty restringing program for the chimes we manufacture, to restore chimes with damaged or broken strings. Please note, we do not offer restringing for chimes made by other companies. Simply click here to download our Repair Request form.


Wind River Chimes were built to enhance and endure the great outdoors. They’re durable, and surprisingly easy to maintain. By following these tips, your chimes will sing beautifully in the wind for years to come.

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