How to Choose Your Chimes

Oct 15, 2020
How to Choose Your Chimes


Wind chimes nourish our senses with their soothing, melodious sounds and the lovely environment they create. Often, people buy our wind chimes because they’ve seen a display in a store and couldn’t resist the beautiful tones. Others found us online while on a quest to add beauty and harmony to an outdoor space.


Whether you’re ready to buy your first set of chimes, or if you’re adding to your collection, consider these practical guidelines as you contemplate which wind chime would be best for you.


1.  What sound resonates with your heart and soul? The deeper tones of the longer pipes that remind you of bells ringing in the air, or the lighter sounds of the shorter pipes that almost blend with the rustling of leaves as the wind moves through trees.


2.  Where will you hang your wind chime? Depending on your landscape, you may consider hanging your chimes off your deck, porch or balcony. You may also incorporate your chimes into your garden by using a tree or shepherd’s hook.

3.  What size chime both enhances your environment and creates the sound you want? Our chimes range in size from a small 17 inch to a large 78 inch, with every size in between. Your chime size will make an outdoor statement, adding to the overall beauty of your space, and providing sounds of calm and serenity. 

4.  What color and texture adds to your outdoor ambience? Our selection includes a range of stunning, nature-inspired shades and textures. Another choice is to create a monochromatic selection of chimes set apart by the complementary tones.


    You really can’t go wrong if you take time to think through these considerations.  But if you’d like to get another opinion, check out “How to Choose” Chime Guide, or call one of our Chime Specialists at 888-978-0001.

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