Why QMT Windchimes is now Wind River Chimes

Sep 15, 2020
Why QMT Windchimes is now Wind River Chimes


For over 30 years, wind chime fans have known us as QMT Windchimes — a name that has come to represent the highest-quality, made in the USA wind chimes.

But the truth is, that name never really captured the heart and soul of our products or our company. So we decided it was time to remedy that, and we are thrilled to introduce our new name — Wind River Chimes.

Our chimes are individually handcrafted and hand-tuned in Virginia and have always been influenced by the rivers and mountain breezes that surround us. So what better way to reflect that connection than with our new name — Wind River.


We believe that music is universal and speaks to everyone. And sounds that are inspired by nature resonate deeply inside the mind and heart. Adopting the name Wind River Chimes reflects this resonance – a harmonious connection between sound and nature.


Another change we’ve made is our tagline – previously “we make the wind sing.” While our chimes do indeed make the wind sing, our new tagline -- Inspiring Harmony -- expresses the musical integrity of each chime, as well as expressing the harmonious way our beautiful chimes can bring soothing and melodic peace to any moment or space.


Additionally, Inspiring Harmony is meant to convey our commitment to “people-first” whether in our company with our employees, the many charity organizations we support, and our global community.


Finally, along with our new name, we have a new website, making it easier than ever to explore, compare and choose the perfect chimes for yourself, family and friends.


The beauty, quality and sound of our wind chimes remains the same, but finally, our name now reflects those characteristics. Welcome to Wind River Chimes.


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