Let Windchimes Bring Peace and Healing to Your Home

Let Windchimes Bring Peace and Healing to Your Home

Apr 15, 2020


If you’re spending more time at home during the current health crisis, you’re likely looking for ways to make your home a haven and sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

Especially as the weather warms up, being outside in your yard, or on your patio, deck or balcony, are welcome options for expanding the borders of your home to the great outdoors.

Adding windchimes to your home environment can help bring a relaxing, harmonious presence to any outdoor setting. Studies have shown that music has a powerful stress-lowering effect on humans, and the type of gentle, melodic music generated by Wind River’s Chimes can help promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress overall.

If you want to share these relaxing sounds as a gift, you have the option of engraving your own personal message on the windsail of the chime, or choosing one of the many personalized gift chimes with delightful engravings for teachers, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more.

Get a little taste of the beautiful, harmonious sounds a set of Wind River Chimes can bring to your home by listening to these samples, then select and order your chime of choice here.

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