Why Wind Chimes Matter – Especially Now

Why Wind Chimes Matter – Especially Now

May 15, 2020


During these days and weeks of spending more time at home, finding a way to relax and unwind is critical. What you may not realize is, the sights and sounds of nature are some of the most readily available sources of stress relief, and they’re available to all of us, if we’re creative about looking for them.


Whether you spend time in your backyard, on your balcony, your porch or even just admiring the outdoors through a window, there’s no question that nature has a calming, therapeutic affect on us all.


At Wind River Chimes, our goal for more than 30 years has been to enhance and complement nature with what we call “the Science of Sound.” Every set of chimes is individually handcrafted and hand-tuned, to provide exceptional precision and lasting beauty. From the shape of the components to the materials we use, every detail is designed to ensure beautiful, melodic, soothing sounds that harmonize with nature.


Our chimes are inspired by nature and designed to make the natural world even more harmonious. They’re influenced by the shores, mountains and valleys we call home. And it is our hope that each set brings peace and harmony into your life – especially during these turbulent times.


Take a moment to listen to all the tones and melodies created by our one-of-a-kind chimes, then select and order your chime of choice here:


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