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POSTED: 01.15.22 

The People Behind Wind River Chimes

At Wind River, we aren’t just proud of our products, we’re proud of how they’re made, and who makes them. Hand-crafted by artisans, our chimes are created by people, for people, and to inspire harmony in the world.


Wind River’s focus on harmony can be seen not only in our products, but in the way our team works, and how our company supports them.


Wind River supports our employees with people-first workplace programs, education development, and family-first policies. These offerings include Beacon Citizenship and ESL classes, because we want to support anyone willing to be a part of the great American experiment. Their dedication is inspiring and their sacrifice is great, so we consider it an honor to help our employees reach this goal.


To be a part of building our country in this way makes us so much stronger as a business, because diversity resounds from within, integrating what it means to be an American into the fabric of our company and our chimes. We’re so proud to walk through this process with our employees, a number of whom have been with Wind River for over twenty years.


The vision for our company matches our vision for our country and beyond: to passionately pursue harmony. We want to be a company that shapes environments sustainably, making an impact that reverberates for generations.


As our chimes inspire harmony in your space, remember the hands who crafted them, the very heartbeat of our country.