Using Wind Chimes to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Mar 15, 2021
Using Wind Chimes to Transform Your Outdoor Space

If we’ve learned anything this past year, it is just how important and vital our living spaces are to our overall quality of life. Almost overnight, our backyards, decks, patios, gardens, porches and other spaces were turned into the primary places we went for relaxation, recreation and even vacation.


Wind chimes have become a primary asset to help turn those outdoor living spaces into a relaxing sanctuary. Whether you’re starting your day outside with a cup of coffee amidst the centering and pleasing sounds of Corinthian Bells  chimes, or ending your day watching the sunset with a glass of wine and the sounds of one of Wind River’s classically-tuned wind chimes, adding the soothing sounds of wind chimes can help transform and elevate any outdoor living space into a relaxing retreat.


For example, do you have a comfortable front or back porch that you might enhance with a melodic wind chime? What about a strong, shading tree with limbs strong enough to carry one of our longer, deep-toned reverberating chimes. Wind River’s chimes come in a variety of colors, sizes and sounds to accommodate any outdoor space. 


One customer shared with us their springtime ritual, when they “open the deck” by bringing out all their Wind River chimes and hanging them from various sides of the deck. Then they sit and wait for the wind to catch them, and immerse themselves in the beautiful, melodic tones that signal “the official beginning of deck-sitting season”.


Wind chimes are more than just decorations, because they not only contribute to the overall outdoor decor but also enhance it with melodious sound. Every breeze brings with it renewed beauty, mystery and wonder.


Wind River chimes create a symphony in any space. But as soon as you bring one home, you realize it’s so much more than a piece of musical garden décor. It’s a reminder to rest. It’s a moment of calm amid the chaos of daily life.


And it’s a cue to pause, listen, reflect—and BREATHE.

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