Deep Breath Designs Back, Neck, & Shoulder Wrap

Dimensions: 30 x 6" filled middle portion; 21" x 7.5" for each tie, for a total of 70" + long. PLEASE NOTE: This item is handmade and there will be variations in the measurements.
Description: Cotton batik wrap filled with organic flax seed, lavender and lavender essential oil.

- relieves muscle aches and pain
- relieves stress and tension
- relieves joint pain and stiffness
- eases menstrual cramps
- use hot or cold
- wrap around lower back, shoulders, neck or wrap around knees, feet or elbows when sitting

Beautiful enough to leave out in your decor to help remind you to sit, relax and breathe. While sitting in your favorite place, you can lay the wrap on your belly, neck or knees. Even just sitting with it against your chest and breathing in the calming scent of lavender can help ease your mind, body and spirit.

Packaged with instructions.

microwaveable neck wrap, flax and lavender heat pack, heated back and shoulder wrap

Product Specs

Weight: 3.0 lb
Brand: Deep Breath Designs