Charity Partner: The American Red Cross

Mar 01, 2023
Charity Partner: The American Red Cross


The American Red Cross (ARC) and their millions of volunteers, members, and staff are guided by the seven fundamental principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. With numbers this great and ambitions this bold, the ARC is one of the most universally recognizable humanitarian organizations on the planet. And along with that, one of the most impactful.


Wind River Chimes is proudly supporting their life-changing mission.


Established nearly 140 years ago in response to the era’s lack of emergency medical care, founder Clara Barton saw the ARC as an institution uniquely capable of responding to crisis situations brought about by natural disaster and war. In its early years, the American Red Cross set the stage for what it would become, providing aid to refugees and prisoners during the Spanish-American War, sending unprecedented medical assistance to Pennsylvania regions decimated by catastrophic flooding, and even offering its services abroad in war-torn regions.


Today, not unlike the ARC of the late 1890s, Red Cross volunteers and staff put their courage to work where and when it’s needed most. And Wind River is proud to continue our long-time support of this powerful organization. You can rest assured that our donation will go directly to helping others, because the Red Cross uses 90% of every single dollar donated to fund their care-giving.


Wind River Chimes is proud to join this critical work, and give our customers the chance to join as well.


It’s never been easier to give a little back to those who give so much. Just find a chime, place your order, and join us in celebrating the American Red Cross as a charity partner.


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