POSTED: 08.15.22 

A Beautiful Sound in the Neighborhood

Meet Susan, or as her neighbors call her, “the Wind Chime Lady”.

Several Wind River chimes hang from Susan’s carport in Baltimore. Passersby of all ages tell her they always stop to listen to her chimes because they love the way they sound. In particular, she calls her Corinthian Bells 65” wind chime   the “crown jewel” because everyone raves about it.

A former professional voice-over actress, Susan knows a good sound when she hears one. She’s known in her community because so many people know the beautiful sounds of her carport. And the music of her chimes is creating an oasis in the middle of her neighborhood -- an impromptu meeting place where neighbors can experience a moment of peace, and a moment of connection with their community.

Sometimes wind chimes get a bad rap, because most chimes aren’t made with the high-quality, resonant materials Wind River uses. But Susan and her carport are sending out the beautiful, soothing sounds of Wind River chimes, and it has become a landmark in this urban neighborhood.

Since Wind River chimes are made for the outdoors, we understand that you aren’t the only one listening to your chimes. Depending on proximity, the neighbors may hear them, too!

That’s why, from process to product, we strive to create harmony with our wind chimes -- because we care about people. From the artisans who make our chimes, to the many people who enjoy them, our goal is to inspire peace and calm amidst the chaos of life.

With all the isolation and turmoil of the past few years, we’re proud our chimes are connecting people together in constructive ways. Realizing how beauty captures our attention and leads us to see the deepest beauty of all–people–inspires everything we pursue!

Susan’s desire to create a “tranquil respite within the chaos of urban life” for her community is a beautiful thing. From city life to country living, we hope all people find moments of calm! We’re thankful for people like Susan who generously share beauty with their communities, and who also prove that having a Wind River chime makes you a great neighbor!

And now, take a minute to enjoy Susan's story...