Celebrating 35 Years of Handcrafting Exceptional Wind Chimes

May 12, 2021
One of the original Arias wind chimes

Wind River® is proud to be celebrating 35 years of offering wind chimes to the world. The roots of Wind River chimes go back to Mike Throne, the original artisan who started handcrafting wind chimes in the early 1980s – like the one pictured here. Mike was determined to offer the buying public a chime that was as beautiful to see as it was to hear. And it worked; the demand for his wind chimes soon overwhelmed his ability to make them himself, so he found a facility in Manassas, Virginia and started hiring people he could train to duplicate his craft.


He called his venture QMT Windchimes. Fast forward to 2006, and Jamie and Patty Baisden (pictured here) bought QMT Windchimes from Mike, with a goal of advancing the “science of sound” with new products, new styles and new, even more gorgeous melodies. Their commitment was to continue the tradition of handcrafting and hand-tuning the chimes, all with U.S.-sourced materials and U.S.-made products.


In 2020, the name QMT Windchimes was retired and replaced with our new name, Wind River. Our chimes are made in Virginia and have always been influenced by the rivers and mountain breezes that surround us. So what better way to reflect that connection than with the name Wind River. (Watch a video about the Wind River name.)


For 35 years, Wind River has been committed to providing the most beautiful, melodic, high quality wind chimes available anywhere. And reaching this significant milestone just reaffirms our dedication to continue offering products that provide moments of calm, that remind you to pause and enjoy your natural surroundings…products that inspire harmony.

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