Wind Chimes to Honor a Loved One

Wind Chimes to Honor a Loved One

May 15, 2021


Special remembrances happen all year around, but many people see Memorial Day as an important time to mark the passing of a loved one.


Wind River has created a line of wind chimes specifically designed to honor your loved ones. In Loving Memory wind chimes are available in fives different sizes, with a choice of silver or bronze chimes. In addition, you may select one of nine different inspirational verses to appear on one side of the wooden wind sail, and add your own customized message on the other side.


While Memorial Day started out as a day to honor those who have been lost in the field of battle, it has become a special day of remembrance to honor any loved one who has passed away. Some use the holiday of Memorial Day as an annual observance to gather, clean up family gravesites, and reconnect with family members as they honor the memories of those who are no longer with us. Some families use this special occasion to keep the family folklore alive by re-telling stories or passing along details of the family history to the younger generation.


Whatever your traditions, personalized wind chimes are a unique way to memorialize your loved one. The soothing tones will tenderly bring your loved one to mind each time the wind blows. In times of grief, In Loving Memory chimes will provide a sentimental and personal touch for those who may be mourning the loss of a loved one.


Our hope for this year is that families will, once again, feel free to gather and reinstate this wonderful tradition of remembering together. And we hope these special chimes will provide healing and comfort, and a unique way to remember those you’ve lost.

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