Choosing Wind River Chimes as Gifts

Choosing Wind River Chimes as Gifts

Oct 15, 2021

As we start to move closer to the holidays, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about your gift recipients, and which chimes would be best for each person. 

The right Wind River Chime can transform any outdoor space, adding elements of soothing beauty and relaxing sound wherever they are placed.

But choosing the right chime can be overwhelming, with so many sizes, shapes, colors and sounds to choose from! Every element of a high-quality Wind River Chime is important, and especially when it’s a gift, you want to make the right choice. 

Read through these tips to help you select the right wind chime for your loved ones.

First, think about where the wind chimes will hang

The location for your wind chimes will inform several other decisions in your purchase process, so it’s important to consider where the wind chimes will hang.

Take some time to think about locations around the recipient’s home that could be a good fit for a set of chimes. We find our customers frequently look to their porches, gardens, back decks or outdoor seating areas as ideal locations, but by using creative hanging solutions like a shepherd’s hook or a conveniently placed tree branch, you can place a set of chimes to transform just about any outdoor space. 

Next, consider size and tone 

Once you’ve thought about a potential location for the wind chimes, it’s time to start imagining the sound that will emanate from the chimes, and how that sound will complement the vision for the chime location. For example, are the resonant chords of church bells appropriate, or would a lighter, brighter tone work better? 

You can listen to every set of Wind River Chimes on the website. 

Your wind chime sound preference will play a big factor in another key decision: the size of your chime. Wind chime size is important for two reasons: first, the size of a Wind River Chime determines its tone. The larger the wind chime pipe, the deeper and more resonant its sound will be. If you’re hoping for deep, warm tones from your chimes, you’ll want to select one of our larger models.

Second, size is also an important factor in the visual appeal that a set of wind chimes brings to its location. Based on where the chimes will ultimately hang, a larger, longer set of chimes brings a more dramatic look to the visual landscape of the place that’s been chosen. For example, our 78-inch Corinthian Bells® chimes deliver a bold look and deep, resonant tone, making the wind chimes a focal point in the area in which they’re hanging. On the other hand, if the chimes are meant to add a subtle look and tone, a smaller set may be more appropriate.

However, it’s also important to consider that a chime that’s too small for its setting may look out of place. A set of Wind River Chimes can be a beautiful and melodious outdoor decoration, and choosing a too-small chime for a too-large setting can detract from those qualities, making what would be a focal point come across as an afterthought.

Another thing to consider when selecting wind chime size is who will be receiving the chimes. If the recipient is elderly (a grandparent, for example), a larger chime could be difficult to install. If you select one of our larger chimes as a gift, be sure to include your installation services as part of the gift!

Wind chimes can add a splash of color or a subdued accent

As a final consideration, consider what color wind chime will best complement the potential wind chime location. Wind River offers a wide variety of color selections across all our brands, making it easy to find a color that suits the mood you’re hoping to achieve in the chosen outdoor space.

Whether it’s the subdued palette of Corinthian Bells, the lively metallic finishes of Arias, or the sophisticated engraved look of Arabesque, there is a color option that will suit any space perfectly. And, if you’re not sure where the chimes will be displayed, selecting a color based on the recipients favorite is a good place to start.

Wind River Chimes are always an appropriate gift

Whatever Wind River Chimes you select, we’re confident your gift recipient will be thrilled with your choice. And remember, wind sail engraving is available on many of our chime styles. 

Think through the above considerations, and if you’re still not sure, be sure to call one of our Chime Specialists -- they’re experts in helping recommend the perfect chime for you! They’re available every weekday from 8am-5pm eastern time -- just call 888-978-0001.

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