How to Pair Wind River Chimes and North Country Wind Bells

How to Pair Wind River Chimes and North Country Wind Bells

Jul 13, 2023

You know Wind River for our premium wind chimes. But did you know we also offer wind bells, in partnership with North Country Wind Bells®?


North Country Wind Bells are designed to evoke memories of the sound of the sea, capturing the rhythm of the waves by playing a simple, lulling song. Inspired by real coastal communities, each North Country Wind Bell is based on the gong and bell buoys in the areas where the founders hauled their lobster traps back in the 1970s.


Wind River chose to partner with North Country as a way to offer a product that embodied that distinct ocean feel, so that no matter where you live, you can always hear that nostalgic beach sound!


North Country Wind Bells are American-made and they pair wonderfully with Wind River chimes, because the two different sounds subtly harmonize together, like the ebb and flow of water.


Our website has easy-to-click sound clips of every chime and wind bell, so when you’re looking for the best pairing, you can play them together and test out the duet quality for yourself!


Here are our suggestions for pairing the beauty of a Wind River chime with the nostalgia of a North Country Wind Bell:










Have some fun listening to the various pairings, then choose your favorite and bring these two special sounds into your outdoor spaces. Whether you’re on the coast or somewhere further inland, having these harmonies fill your outdoor spaces will be a delightful treat for all who get to hear them!

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