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POSTED: 01.25.23 

I Hear You in the Wind

David Bacon hears advice from his parents regularly, even though they're no longer living. After his parents passed away, he chose to remember them by having their ashes embedded in wind chimes. Paying special attention to the timbre and tone, David chose chimes whose sound reminds him of his parents' voices. When the breeze picks up and the chimes begin to ring in his yard, he can hear his parents speaking to him in the wind. 


David remembers the chimes speaking to him during a big winter storm. The snow was heavy, and he went outside intending to shovel a small path down his sidewalk. But as he finished that job, the wind picked up and he heard his dad's chime start chattering. He knew his dad was telling him to finish the job, so he shoveled out the entire driveway. He turned to go inside and get warm, but the wind picked up again and he heard his mother's voice, reminding him about a recently widowed neighbor who could use some help. David kept shoveling and cleared his neighbor's drive, too. The wind kept blowing, the chimes kept chattering, and David ended up shoveling out three driveways and the entire sidewalk that day, easing the way for neighbors and kids headed to and from the school bus.


This powerful experience of hearing voices in the wind inspired David to learn more about wind chimes and expand the choir of voices in his own yard. When his dear friend Andy and his father-in-law Steve passed away, two engraved Wind River chimes joined the chorus, each one matched to the memory of the loved one's voice. When friends lose a loved one, David shares Wind River chimes as a gift of connection during times of grief. He puts time and attention into picking out particular tones and timbres that remind him of the lost one's voice, because he knows what a comfort it can be to hear those voices speak again. And he knows the ways those voices inspire harmony, both in grieving hearts and across entire neighborhoods.