Random vs. Ordered Sound

Random vs. Ordered Sound

Feb 15, 2023

There’s no denying that Wind River chimes sound different from any other chime. We get asked all the time, “what makes a Wind River chime sound so lovely?” The answer is simple: we know the science of sound.


Because we know the science of sound, we know the difference between random and ordered sound. Sound is vibration, and those vibrations can either be random or ordered (think of waves). Noise would be considered random sound, while music would be considered ordered sound. 


Since Wind River exists to inspire harmony, we have painstakingly designed our chimes to create ordered sounds, and furthermore, to be musical instruments. To achieve this, we take every detail into consideration, from materials to construction.


From the human voice to a drum or clarinet, all musical sound requires three components: a power source, a vibrator, and a resonator. For a Wind River chime, the power source is the wind, the vibrator is the high-density striker, and the resonator is the aluminum alloy tubes.


When all three of these components coordinate in balance, that is when the magic happens. But, throw one element off–like the wind blowing too furiously or the striker being too metallic or the tubes having the wrong alloy or length–and the sound becomes more disordered than ordered. You don’t need to be a music nerd to hear the difference! 


Beyond using the best materials in our wind chimes, we hand-tune every single tube to check its pitch, tone, and resonance. Wind River chimes work with nature, not against it, so every chime is tuned to a specific musical key to offer your senses grounding and classical beauty. We want our chimes to speak to the bigger order all around us and to inspire us to join its flow.


Harmony is vibrational. It’s something you hear, but it’s also something you can feel–ordered sound orders us. That is why we’ve spent over 35 years studying and perfecting the science of sound, so that our chimes profoundly shape environments, transforming our disorder into peace, love, and harmony.

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