Responding to the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

Responding to the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

Mar 31, 2022

We at Wind River, along with so much of the world, feel the needs of the millions of Ukrainians being displaced by the war in their country. We hear their loss and fear and try to walk in their shoes. A Wind River chime creates beauty, but it also symbolizes all the security and belonging that a home offers. So, imagining millions of people without their homes compels us to do more.


Wind River has always been inspired by the efforts the Rotary Foundation has made to foster peace and goodwill. Both Wind River Chimes’ CEO Jamie Baisden and his wife Patty are members of their local Rotary club. Over the years, Wind River has donated to this organization, as one of our charities of the month, because of the Rotary Foundation’s commitment to service.


Given the magnitude of the current humanitarian crisis, we felt compelled to make an additional substantial gift to the Rotary Foundation, to support the immediate relief they’re bringing to Ukrainian refugees. This gift speaks to the largeness of the suffering taking place, as well as to the depth of our commitment to helping.


In response to the needs being created because of the war in Ukraine, the Rotary Foundation has made changes to their normal grant process, making donated funds more quickly accessible in communities that are receiving Ukrainian refugees. These expedited disaster response grants are providing relief to refugees or other victims of the Ukrainian crisis, including water, food, shelter, medicine and clothing. Additionally, the Rotary Foundation is working with partners and global leaders to find effective solutions for this growing humanitarian crisis.


Together with Rotary International, Wind River desires peace and harmony for every person. Just like a broken string on a chime, we feel it when another part of the world aches and needs help. Since we are all connected, we share this burden and give generously to the Rotary Foundation, to help them mobilize humanitarian aid for refugees in Ukraine and surrounding countries.


If you’d like to donate to the Ukrainian relief effort through Rotary Foundation’s Disaster Response Fund, please give here before April 30th. Consider joining us in this effort to provide critical aid to our brothers and sisters facing enormous upheaval in their lives. Inspiring harmony comes at a cost, but one we willingly pursue. 


At Wind River, we passionately pursue harmony. Every day, we seek to inspire beauty, through our chimes and in the lives of others, because we envision a world where all people find resonance. Resonance means we’re not just aiming for the right notes, we’re aiming to listen to the sounds of others, so we can help meet their needs in a practical way. We’re honored to help with the Ukrainian relief efforts, and thank you for whatever help you can give as well.

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