Planning Your Outdoor Spaces

Planning Your Outdoor Spaces

Mar 15, 2022

Whether or not it seems like it where you live, spring IS coming. And with spring comes more time outdoors, enjoying sunshine, fresh air, and the special touches you’ve chosen to make your outdoor space pleasing.


Having an outdoor space to enjoy is a blessing. Whether it’s a garden, a deck, a balcony, a pool, or lots of green grass, being outdoors is therapeutic, and provides a great place to retreat, either by yourself, or in the company of your favorite people.


So how do you make that space as lovely, peaceful, and enjoyable as you want it to be?


That’s where Wind River comes in – it’s our goal to provide you with Made in the USA products that add beauty and harmony you can both hear and see. And we’re so proud of our new Garden Collection – a hand-picked catalog of American-made products that elevate any outdoor space. They also match the same classic beauty and aesthetic as our chimes


Wind Spinners: if you’re looking for a piece of art to add interest to your space without adding any sound, our Wind Spinners are exquisite. The copper color is natural and the captivating shapes swirl like a beautiful dancer. 


Buoy Bells: if you are looking for a new sound element, our Buoy Bells  capture the sound of the sea. Even if you’re miles from the shore, their relaxing yet distinct sound will remind you of waves and a beach breeze.


Glass Chimes: Appropriate in a more protected outdoor area, or anyplace indoors, these glass bottle chimes will add color and conversation wherever they’re placed.


Garden Stakes: Perfect to place anywhere outdoors, and appropriate to leave out all year round, these garden stakes will deliver delight to everyone who enters your garden.


Suncatchers: Whether you place them outdoors, or hang them in a window, these one-of-a-kind, colorful glass ornaments will bring vibrancy to your home.


In addition to Wind River’s chimes and garden accents, make sure your outdoor space is cleaned up, primed and ready for spring. Whether you’re looking to make big adjustments or minor tweaks, making plans now means you’ll be ready when spring comes to your neck of the woods.


• Maintenance is always a good place to start. What might need an update or repair? Make sure your deck is strong and healthy. Look for cracks, chips, or anything out of line or decayed. Check your fence for decay, too. Is it wobbly in any area? 


• Don’t forget your gutters and downspouts! The past few months have built up a lot of leafy debris, so make sure you clean those out before April’s showers hit. Then, after a little inspection and spring cleaning, the fun can begin! 


•  Think about how you want to use your outdoor space THIS year. Maybe last year you craved solitude, but this year you’re excited to host more. Just like the seasons, we’re always changing, so it’s important to let your space change with it. Think about bringing in some new furniture, creating a fire-pit, or adding some lights for a lovely dinner party al fresco.


For outdoor lovers, we’re coming in to the best time of year. Plan to add something special to your outdoor space this spring. Whether it’s wind chimes or garden accents, bring a fresh new look to your space with something from Wind River. You’ll be so glad you did!

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