Spring & Summer Gift-Giving Guide: Meaningful Gifts Made Simple

Spring & Summer Gift-Giving Guide: Meaningful Gifts Made Simple

May 15, 2022

The month of May brings both beginnings and endings. With end-of-school events piling up and weddings and showers on the horizon, gift-giving goes into high gear. Instead of scrambling, check out our Spring and Summer Gift-Giving Guide! We’ve made giving meaningful gifts simple!


Since Wind River is all about sound, we think everyone could benefit from having a Wind River chime on their porch or in their backyard. We truly believe that music and beauty have the power to inspire harmony! Our chimes won’t clutter and clang because they’re perfectly hand-tuned for exquisite tone. They invite you to experience holistic calm and imagine new possibilities–even if just for a moment. This is why they make the perfect gifts for just about everyone!


So, no matter what special occasion is coming up, this guide will help you discover the perfect wind chime gift to show your love and appreciation.


Gifts for Teachers: Let’s sing for the unsung heroes! We’ve got teacher-specific chimes  from our Noteworthy collection that would be lovely to hang at home or at school. Add your own message to the wooden wind sail to say thanks in your own words. Or, if you’re looking to commemorate something more significant, like a teacher's anniversary or retirement, a chime from our Corinthian Bells® collection will express how influential and inspiring they are.


Gifts for Grads: Nothing says graduation gift more than something monogrammed! Give your graduate a chime with a special note to ring in this momentous achievement forever. If you think they’ll be on the move, we’ve got chimes that travel lightly!


Gifts for Dad: Father’s Day is next month on June 19th and we’ve got several chimes picked out for Dad! If he loves his garden, this chime is perfect! If he loves to read and drink coffee on the porch, this one has deep and meditative tones and comes in several earthy shades. Or, if you’re wanting to remind him of beautiful memories of family reunions by the water, these Buoy Bells capture the sound of the sea!


Gifts for Weddings: Spring and summer months are popular for knot-tying. If you’re looking to give something beyond their registry, chimes are a unique and incredibly thoughtful way to mark this milestone. We’ve created beautiful wedding-specific chimes that you can customize with your own message. Or, any of our chimes from the Corinthian Bells or Shenandoah Melodies® collections would be lovely! Add an engraved message and a special image, like rings or hearts, to seal the deal.


Gifts for those Grieving: Wind chimes are a beautiful way to honor a loved one who has passed away. Many people have said that our chimes soothed them during a difficult time of loss or transition. We created our In Loving Memory® collection for times such as these. Each wind sail includes an inspirational verse, and space on the back to add your own message.


To help balance out the highs and lows of grief, and inspire a sense of calm and reflection, consider this chime from our enchanting Arabesque® collection. Or, if you’re wanting an even larger chime with an engravable wind sail, this beautiful chime from our Corinthian Bells collection is a favorite for those who need encouragement and reprieve.


Remember, you can listen to every one of our chimes on our website before you choose, so you can be sure to get just the right sound for every occasion. All of our chimes are Made in the USA, and ship free for orders over $50. And because we donate 20% of every online purchase to charity, you’ll be giving a double-blessing with every gift.


So this year, get ahead of the spring and summer gift-giving curve, and start picking out the perfect chime for all those special occasions coming up. Show the special people in your life how important they are, and give them something they will treasure for years to come.

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