Celebrate the Season! Earth Day and the Great Outdoors

Apr 15, 2022
Celebrate the Season! Earth Day and the Great Outdoors


Now that spring is officially here, what are you most excited about? Inviting some new routines into your life? Getting outside more? Seeing how the scenery is changing every day, as things bloom and colors pop? Nature adds new beauty like a painter filling in a blank canvas.


With all this anticipation, we think a celebration is in order!


To start the celebration, let’s talk about Earth Day, which falls every year on April 22. Beginning in 1970, Earth Day was established to increase awareness of our need to care for the earth and treat it with kindness. Have you ever done something to observe Earth Day? It could be something as simple as recycling or picking up trash in your neighborhood, or participating in an organized event or activity. And here are ideas from Earthday.org.


Another way you can celebrate is by investing in your own yard. Keep the weeds pulled and plant something new! No matter how simple or fancy, your yard and outdoor space can be an immense source of delight. Studies show gardening, no matter the level, is very therapeutic! So whether you’re investing money or time into your space, if it gets you outside, it's worth it!


Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! Our chimes also add delight, and they’re the perfect element to invite you out-of-doors. Wind River Chimes beautify the earth by harmonizing with Mother Nature, and every gorgeous tone reminds of what a treasure the earth is.


One of the best ways to celebrate the earth is to celebrate the people we get to share it with. Now might be the perfect time to plan an outdoor gathering -- community is powerful! Host a neighborhood picnic or have a few people over for dinner and eat outside. Invite a friend over for an afternoon coffee or tea on the porch. Inviting people into our spaces reminds us how hospitable the earth is to all of us,  every single day.


The earth flourishes when we take care of it, and what’s amazing is, we flourish, too! Whatever you do to celebrate the beauty of earth, take advantage of this delightful season by experiencing the great outdoors as often as possible. The earth has a lot to show us–the miracle of life and being alive!

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