Discovering the Perfect Wind Chime Pairing

Discovering the Perfect Wind Chime Pairing

Jun 15, 2022

Since June is a popular time to tie the knot, we think it’s also a wonderful time to discover the perfect pairing of wind chimes. While our chimes sing beautifully all on their own, there’s something enchanting – even spiritual – when you start building a choir of varying chime voices.


We get questions all the time about which chimes go well together, so here are some guidelines to help you pick out your next set! 


1) Size = Sound: The longer and wider the tubes, the deeper and lower the tone. The shorter and skinnier the tube, the higher and brighter the sound.


2) Size = Space: Consider where you want to hang your chimes. Make sure the structure supporting the chimes is sufficient for the weight of the chimes and also visually accommodating.


3) Variety = Register: Choose chimes in the same key but in different sizes. This is like a choir with a high section and a low section, but they all share the same musical notes.


4) Variety = Harmony: Choose chimes in different keys of similar or varying sizes.

        • Standard Harmony: Pair chimes whose keys are a perfect 4th or perfect 5th apart. Some say it’s better to have the interval of a 5th from the lower to the higher chime (example: bigger chime in A and smaller chime in E), but we like it even if it’s flip-flopped (bigger chime in E and smaller chime in A).
        • Eclectic Harmony: Pair chimes whose keys are a third or sixth apart.

For more general guidance, check out our How To Pair page. If you still have questions or want more curated suggestions, feel free to reach out on social media or directly to our customer service team! Happy pairing!

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