Stained Glass Stories: Lessons in Harmony

Stained Glass Stories: Lessons in Harmony

Aug 10, 2023

Wind River has long been in partnership with the Benedictine Sisters in Bristow, Virginia. Each of the stained glass windows in the monastery's chapel tells a story, and each window offers a lesson. 

The windows include both important reminders of Benedictine life and stories of of the lives of particular saints. “Ora et labora” is the motto of the monastery. Latin for “pray and work,” the motto reminds the sisters that their work is holy. Another window features the word “pax,” Latin for “peace.” In a third window, the acronym UIOGD, referencing the Latin phrase translated as “that in all things, God be glorified,” reminds the community to celebrate God's gift of life in all they do. 

Other windows tell stories from the life of St. Benedict. One window depicts a scene of Benedict and his twin sister, St. Scholastica, near the end of Scholastica's life. She begged her brother to stay and visit with her longer. When Benedict refused, a massive thunderstorm made the choice for him, answering his sister's prayer. Another window tells the story of Benedict's timely premonition that saved a young boy named Placidus from drowning. Still another window shares the story of St. Benedict's death, a holy event that happened while he was standing up, having just received communion.

Sister Andrea explains that the stained glass images mimic the lessons of nature, where God's beauty is always in color. The colorful windows tell their stories beautifully, inspiring harmony by inviting all who view them to deeper reflection.

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