The Power of Musical Resonance

The Power of Musical Resonance

Sep 15, 2022

If you own a Wind River chime, then -- whether you know it or not -- you’ve experienced the power of musical resonance. One of the most unique features of these remarkable chimes is how long their tone reverberates with a smooth, mellow tone. Resonance!

And why does resonance matter? Because that’s the aspect of live music that affects us physically. It’s the live sound coming out of the instrument and surrounding us that has the power to change our mood, our stress level, our overall health

What about musical recordings? The recordings on our website may have introduced you to Wind River chimes, but there’s no replacement to hearing them live. Once they're given a stage, our chimes are the ticket to a moment of calm and inspiration. 

With the abundance of recordings, we could listen to music all day long. And in fact, a lot of us do, but some aspects of the music are lost in translation. The actual frequencies of music get compressed in recorded music, which means we miss out on the full range of highs and lows…we miss out on resonance.

Additionally, when we’re listening to recorded music, our brains don’t receive quite as many of the health benefits of music, mostly because recorded music doesn’t invite the same kind of attention.

Live music has the power to lower stress hormones, raise happy hormones, reduce physical pain, improve brain function, slow down aging, and increase our social connection, to name a few. But, beyond the clinically proven health benefits, live music invites us to pay attention holistically – body AND soul.

Our world can be frenetic, and it takes commitment to focus. But, live music helps us cultivate our attention so we can experience deeper inspiration.

Now that many symphonies, theater companies, and concert venues have reopened and are offering in-person performances (and many are FREE), we all have the chance to expose ourselves to the power of resonance, by attending a live music performance in your community. It’s a great way to support the arts in your community, and support your own health, too. 

And whether or not you can make it to a live performance, your Wind River Chimes create a symphony in any space. These chimes not only offer beauty, they provide a space to be transformed. That’s the impact of resonance -- of live music -- and wind chimes are one of the easiest and most accessible ways to experience it!

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