Mystical Wind Chime Sounds for Fall and Halloween

Oct 17, 2022
Mystical Wind Chime Sounds for Fall and Halloween

For some people, Halloween is a chance to be a kid again by dressing up and handing out candy. For others, the focus on pumpkins is more about fall and the rich colors, crisp air and invigorating feeling of autumn weather.


Whatever you love most about Halloween and fall, it’s definitely the perfect opportunity to spruce up your outdoor spaces for the season. And Wind River has the ideal way to add enchanting sounds and rich colors to your deck, front porch, patio or garden -- a set of Wind River Chimes, tuned to a mystical, ethereal key.


Here’s why these tones sound the way they do to our ears:


Our more mysterious-sounding chimes don’t follow the standard scales we’re all used to hearing in popular music. The sounds are still very soothing, but the musical quality is more mystical and ethereal. Additionally, there are certain chime combinations that achieve that same kind of mysterious, magical quality, too.


Our Corinthian Bells® 78” uses the modal scale, Lydian, which means the 4th note of the scale is raised a half-step. This also means that the starting note of the scale, the tonic, creates the interval of a tri-tone (three whole steps) with the raised 4th. 


For many centuries, this tri-tone interval was intentionally avoided. Some say the Medieval church banned the interval because it contained the devil (diabolus in musica)! Because this interval sounds unresolved, it presents challenges to both composers and singers to tune it correctly. So, the avoidance was most likely practical!


However, once composers rose to the challenge, history proves this interval is essential to creating music that’s evocative and interesting! The dissonance and unresolved nature is actually what makes us even more inclined to keep listening, not less!


If you’re looking for a more mystical chime pairing experience, we recommend choosing chimes whose keys create the interval of a 3rd or 6th. 




    If you prefer more classical sounds, you can also get into the spirit with any of our fall-colored wind chimes, such as


    From vibrant colors to enchanting sounds, Wind River Chimes can add autumnal sounds and colors to all your outdoors spaces, to make your fall season ever more rich, and your Halloween a little more spooky!

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