Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Feb 07, 2024
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Why not say I love you with a song this year? Use this Valentine’s Gift Guide for ways to say “you’re special” to all your favorite people. From the enduring resonance of a Wind River chime to some of our Made-in-the-USA specialty products from our Garden and Relaxation collections -- choose a gift that will last much longer than chocolate and flowers, and will bring harmony all year long!

Gifts for Sweethearts

Give your sweetheart our bestselling chime – Corinthian Bells 36” – in their favorite color. Include a custom love-note by adding a personal engraving on the windsail. And, you can even add a themed design, with dozens to choose from! Easy on the ears and versatile in size, this chime hangs beautifully anywhere. Send only the best notes this Valentine’s Day with a set of wind chimes they’ll love and cherish for years to come. 

Gifts for Gals

Whether or not you’re following the “Galentine’s” trend, it’s always a good idea to celebrate your friendships. They’re life’s best medicine! We chose two gifts–one for new friends, and one for old ones–because friends come in every shape and season! 

New friends: honor the joy of new friendship with Festival 18”! The sound is sweet and sincere–it’s like champagne in a wind chime. 

Old friends: honor the years of memories and love with an elegant Windspinner from Harmony Hollow. The infinity quality will remind them of the many seasons of staying close and consistent. Also, the enchanting twirls it creates are just so lovely to look at, elevating any space. 

Gifts for Teachers

For the incredible humans who keep an eye on your kids, surprise them with a Lavender Eye Pillow for a well-deserved break. This eye pillow can help relieve eye strain, calm tension headaches and mental fatigue, and promote restful sleep. Teachers have enough headaches… give them something that might even be better than aspirin! 

Gifts for Coworkers

Don’t forget the people you see almost every day! A little appreciation can go a long way! These candles are non-toxic, with eco-friendly soy wax and wood wicks, and are handcrafted in Virginia. Give the people on your team an easy way to take an aromatic break. 

Gifts for Pets 

Celebrate a beloved pet with any of our engravable wind chimes! We have the perfect designs to add to your chime, so you can commemorate your favorite furry friends with a soothing sound that will last for years to come. 

Gifts for Grief

Losing a loved one or a love relationship can make Valentine’s Day particularly difficult. If you know someone who is dealing with this loss, give them a set of Corinthian Bells or In Loving Memory chimes. We often hear stories about how a Wind River chime has helped memorialize a loved one in a very special way. The gentle resonance each chime creates offers comfort and peace, and by adding an engraving to the wind sail, their life and love is remembered in each breeze. 

We hope everyone feels the love this Valentine’s Day (and always!). And, if you’re in need of a little extra care, go ahead and buy yourself that set of Wind River chimes you’ve been dreaming of. You deserve it! And remember, you’ll enjoy them even more, knowing that 20% of every wind chime purchase made from our website is donated to charity. Spread the love and inspire some harmony this Valentine’s Day!

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