Wind River Wrapped - Your Favorite Chimes from 2023

Jan 26, 2024
Wind River Wrapped - Your Favorite Chimes from 2023

Again in 2023, you chose Corinthian Bells® as your favorite Wind River chimes!

Here’s a recap of the top 5 best-selling Wind River chimes from 2023, plus a suggested pairing option when you’re ready for your next wind chime!

2023 Best-seller #1: Corinthian Bells 36"

This wind chime rings in the key of E, and offers bright balance without being heavy-weighted. It’s the perfect size for versatility with a lovely sound that’s easy on the ears.

  • Best pairing: Shenandoah Melodies® 47”: A fourth below the Corinthian Bells 36” key, the Shenandoah Melodies 47” is larger, deeper and harmonizes classically in the key of B, providing familiarity and grounding. From our deluxe collection, Shenandoah Melodies chimes are constructed slightly differently than Corinthian Bells, offering a more earthy sound quality–less crisp than Corinthian Bells–so it adds soft and charming variety.

2023 Best-seller #2: Corinthian Bells 44"

This gorgeous medium-sized chime embodies a naturalness that speaks to anyone. In the key of C, in the octave of middle C (C4), this chime creates balance that is both comforting and simply beautiful.

  • Best pairing: Arabesque® 59”: This chime offers profound depth and adds some spice when paired with Corinthian Bells 44”. In the scale of G, this Arabesque chime shares a lot of the same pitches with the Corinthian Bells 44”, except for G’s leading tone, F#. This is one of only 2 Wind River chimes tuned to a major 7th chord (the other is Corinthian Bells 60"), so it offers enchantment and thrill without any disruption.

2023 Best-seller #3: Corinthian Bells 27"

Our smallest chime in the Corinthian Bells collection, it’s no wonder this chime gets a lot of attention. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re expecting a sweet-sounding wind chime, but want that undeniable resonance that makes Corinthian Bells so unique.

  • Best pairing: Corinthian Bells 56”: This chime has all the richness to balance out the sweet sound of Corinthian Bells 27”. If you’re looking for soul-inspiring depth in a complementary key, this is the chime for you.

2023 Best-seller #4: Corinthian Bells 30"

One of our richest-sounding smaller chimes, this chime is in the key of A, which is known to be centering and recalibrating.

  • Best pairing: Shenandoah Melodies 42”: Like all of these pairing suggestions, this chime offers depth and harmony that give a more rounded experience. But, in particular, these two chimes create a meaningful duet that feels romantic and uplifting–like the sound of a soprano and tenor perfectly in-tune.

2023 Best-seller #5: Corinthian Bells 50"

This wind chime’s pitch range is very close to the human voice, which makes it distinctly familiar and calming. It never goes too low or too high – it’s just right. Mellow, round, deep and familiar, this chime rings out soothing peace.

  • Best pairing: Shenandoah Melodies 35”: This chime is the perfect complement because it’s higher in pitch, but still offers a round quality and the warm harmony of the key of D.


Every year, you prove our bestsellers are tried and true. In 2024, consider branching out to build a true symphony of wind chimes! As always, we’re here to help you find your perfect pair or ensemble, so don’t hesitate to contact us, or connect with us on social media. We hope to see you there!

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