Why Wind River Chimes over other chimes?

Jul 15, 2020
Why Wind River Chimes over other chimes?


You can’t really compare a performance by a professional symphony with that of an amateur group. No matter how hard the amateurs try, they won’t really be able to compete with the sound quality, the artistry, the experience and the transcendence of the professional symphony’s music.


In the same way, when you put the quality and artistry of Wind River Chimes up against other chimes on the market, there’s just no comparison.


Wind River Chimes are not only hand-built by artisans with decades of experience, but they’re built on a foundation of tradition and innovation, combining classic craftsmanship with forward-thinking designs to create something truly transformative, unlike other ordinary chimes.


One-of-a Kind
Our chimes are perfectly harmonized to please the ear, and timelessly designed with an assortment of eye-pleasing aesthetics that never goes out of style. Plus, with a dedication to meticulously hand-crafted quality, Wind River Chimes will last for years, thanks to a unique construction that lesser chimes lack.


  • For example, our Corinthian Bells® — bestsellers for a reason – create outstanding tones and resonance thanks to a genius design with centrally suspended heavy-walled aluminum tubes and high density strikers.

  • Other series offer unique advantages as well, like Lakeshore Melodies®, the only wood chimes on the market with centrally-pinned tube construction and curved wind sails that enable them to produce sound quality typically only achieved by all-metal chimes.

Family-owned. People first.
We strongly believe in the power of people helping people. Whether you purchase your Wind River Chimes at one of hundreds of gift, floral and hardware shops all across the country, or you purchase them online, either way you’ll find real people ready to help you make the right purchase, and answer any questions you may have.


When it comes to wind chimes, it’s easy to put some pipes on a string and call it music. But only Wind River is out front, creating a symphony of sound with our artisan-crafted chimes where every detail is tested and engineered to deliver superior resonance and tone.


So give yourself the performance of a lifetime with the unmistakable quality and soul of an inspiring, harmonious set of chimes from Wind River.

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