The Memory Sounds of Summer

The Memory Sounds of Summer

Jul 15, 2022

Just like the Christmas holidays, summer has its own set of special traditions and meaningful memories.


From the juicy taste of watermelon to the sounds of kids splashing in the pool, our senses provide powerful connections to those memories of summer.


One of the strongest senses that brings back memories is the sense of sound. Think about your favorite Sounds of Summer -- crickets, waves crashing on the shore, kids hollering to each other down the street, fireworks, the ice cream truck, a favorite song. It’s true for almost everyone -- summer has a distinct sound.


What sounds do you want to add to your summer memories?


If you have the blessing of gathering with your loved ones in your favorite outdoor spaces, consider making that space even more memorable with a Wind River chime. The gentle beauty of chimes in the breeze will be the soundtrack of those endless summer days where no one’s in a hurry, and the only thing on the to-do list is to enjoy one another’s company.


Wind chimes awaken the sense of hearing and help connect us to the world around us, allowing us to form powerful memories around what matters most!


Because the long summer days offer the chance to enjoy a slower pace, it’s a great time to think about what memories really matter -- the ones you hold and the ones you give.


We all have the chance to instill wonderful memories in the mind of those we love. Why not create the sound memories of beauty, peace, and love by offering an environment that sings of those things? It’s never too late to add more meaningful traditions and create new sound memories this summer! Once you do, you’ll never forget them.


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