How to Be a Meaningful Gift-Giver

How to Be a Meaningful Gift-Giver

Dec 01, 2022

There’s no denying that gift-giving can often feel overwhelming. There are so many factors—budget, timing, and that special something you can’t name until inspiration strikes. To calm the noise, we’d like to suggest a way to make the gift-giving season more peaceful and meaningful.


As you think about the people on your list, consider the three P’s of being a meaningful gift-giver:

  • Practical
  • Personal
  • Present


These 3 Ps all work together, and can help you have fun thinking about the other person—what they enjoy, need, discuss, and dream about. And hopefully, viewing gift-giving in this way can help you avoid overspending or overthinking.


This practice can help lead you to give gifts that matter because they reinforce (or form) connection. When we go beyond just getting something and really think about the other person–what they’d like to receive AND who they are–we make others feel how much they matter to us. There’s nothing wasteful about that!


And if you need some inspiration, remember that Wind River chimes embody the three P’s:


  • Practical because they add constant beauty and harmony to someone’s home, they encourage time spent outside, and they are resilient (they even come with a multi-year warranty!)


  • Personal because you can add a customized message or image to most wind sails, and there are so many size, color, and sound options for you to pick the perfect set to match your loved ones’ personality and space


  • Present because they inspire harmony and good memories, so even if your loved one is far away, every breeze will connect you together!


Additionally, 20% of all online sales profits are donated to charity, so a Wind River chime reminds us to practice generosity—a gift in and of itself!


If you need some gift inspiration, look no further than our 2 gift guides:


  • Gifts by person and price: this guide will give you ideas for the special people in your life, and suggestions for gifts under $50.


  • Gifts by item type: this guide describes our most popular products and provides convenient links for easy exploring.


Ultimately, gifts are powerful because they connect us to people. So, let love lead you. After all, gift-giving is a love language all its own.

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