Wind River Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 11, 2022
Wind River Holiday Gift Guide

Unique, elegant, and artisanal, Wind River chimes will resonate with everyone on your list. Not only is 20% of every online purchase donated to charity, but every Wind River chime is handcrafted and hand-tuned by artisans in Virginia. Wind River is committed to crafting the best products in the most ethical ways, so you can be sure your gift is supporting a more harmonious world.


Choosing the right chime for each person on your list may feel a little overwhelming, so we’ve curated a gift guide to make the decision process simple and customizable for you! The good news is that everyone on your list wants a Wind River chime, even if they don’t know it yet!


These chimes are the perfect introduction to Wind River chimes, both in size and sound. They offer well-rounded tones without being big. You can also add a fun message or meaningful design to the windsail to commemorate your friendship.


These are some of our most special chimes! The tones are rich, soothing, and warm. These chimes will easily become a landmark in someone’s space, transforming a back patio or porch into a calming retreat. Plus, you can add a heartfelt message and design to the windsail to personalize your gift. From parents to grandparents, this is a gift they will love forever!


These chimes may be small, but the tone is precise and pure. They add the perfect amount of sweet sound to a back porch or balcony without breaking the bank. Plus, the box is small enough to fit in a stocking! 

  • Gifts under $100:

 Corinthian Bells® 27-inch Windchime

Our smallest set in the Corinthian Bells® collection, these chimes add elegance without taking up too much space. This collection combines high-density polymer strikers with thick-walled, powder-coated tubes—for superior resonance and resilience.


Harmony Hollow Infinity Windspinner

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is hard of hearing or prefers silence, these copper wind spinners are gorgeous. They dance with the wind, swaying and reflecting light from their shiny color. The design is a piece of art!


The holidays can be a difficult time for people who grieve. Wind chimes are a beautiful way to honor a loved one who has passed away. Many people have said that our chimes soothed them during a difficult time of loss or transition. We created our In Loving Memory® collection for times such as these. Each wind sail includes an inspirational verse, and space on the back to add your own message.


As our premier collection, Arabesque® combines superior components and construction with inspiring details that set it apart and elevate any space. The 57” offers an especially opulent, grounding, and inviting sound–the perfect way to say “I love you.”


If you’re looking to add a chime to someone’s collection, consult our Choosing a Chime and Pairing a Chime Guides for help is selecting the perfect chime. We also offer recordings of all of our chimes on our website. No matter which chime you choose, you’re giving a gift they will treasure for years to come–meaningful, useful, impactful, and beautiful! Inspire harmony this holiday season by giving your loved ones Wind River chimes.

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