Introducing Wind River Meditation Chimes

Oct 10, 2023
Introducing Wind River Meditation Chimes

Introducing the newest chimes from Wind River -- the long-awaited Meditation Chimes. These chimes are specially designed to help make your personal meditation, reflection or prayer practices even more rich and rewarding.


Many people use sound in their times of meditation or personal quiet. The presence, and absence, of sound powerfully influences our wellbeing and emotional processing and regulation. Because Wind River Chimes is passionate about positively shaping environments, we created these Meditation Chimes to elevate your meditation practice with the beauty of these long, resonant tones.


  • Pitch: Around the world, and specifically in classical music, the pitch of A is known to be centering and recalibrating. This is why both sizes of our meditations chimes are tuned to A. We use the same pipes found in our popular Corinthian Bells 50” and Corinthian Bells 30” wind chimes.


  • Design: Each Meditation Chime is secured to a simple, but elegant, wooden base made out of American oak, with a rich redwood finish. On the wooden base, there is a resting spot for the mallet that comes with each chime.


  • Resonance: From the suspension of the chime to the time-tested materials we use, our Meditation Chimes achieve optimal resonance. With just one strike of the chime, the tone rings out for over a minute. This is the perfect way to signal to the nervous system that it’s time to drop into the present, quiet the mind, and experience holistic renewal.


Sound is a critical sensory experience, and for over 30 years, Wind River has been committed to inspiring the world with sounds that heal through their beauty and purity. We’re thrilled that the collective interest in meditation and mindfulness is increasing, and also very happy to now offer a product that joins this space so directly.


Now, you can experience our signature Wind River tone easily, and meaningfully, indoors. Enhance your yoga or spiritual spaces, and ignite your meditation or devotional practice with the lasting inspiration of Wind River Meditation Chimes.


Learn more about why sounds are healing and re-orient yourself to peace with a Wind River Meditation Chime today!

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